CiclaMadrid Gran Tour

CiclaMadrid-Gran Tour

The CiclaMadrid Gran Tour is a great 770-kilometre cycling route to be followed by stages. Why not do it at least once in your life? Three Unesco World Heritage Sites, seven Madrid Towns, enchanting villages, historic gardens and natural parks... All of Madrid in only 17 steps.

The Tour is geared to almost everyone’s abilities and can be adapted to each cyclist’s characteristics by simply joining stages together wherever one wishes, or do them all one by one. The stages cover around 25 kilometres.

Mornings are for cycling, afternoons for wandering... That’s the idea.


Gran Tour CiclaMadrid conections with Vías Verdes/Greenways

Stage 3:

In Carabaña: Tajuña and 40 Day Train Greenways.

Stage 15:

In Navalcarnero: Conection in the iron bridge with Guadarrama river Greenway.

Stage 13:

In San Martín de Valdeiglesias and Pelayos de la Presa: Alberche disused railway line.

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