What are Vías Verdes / Greenways?

The “Vías Verdes” (literally, “Greenways”) are old railway lines in disuse that have been recovered as non-motorized itineraries to be travelled by hikers and cyclists. There are approximately 2,900 km of Greenways in Spain, located in all the Autonomous Communities.

The Greenways’ design benefits from all the advantages of the railway lines, offering the maximum degree of ease and comfort in their route, guaranteeing universal access, including children, senior citizens and persons with disability.

The Greenways are itineraries which are full of magic, dotted with tunnels and amazing viaducts where the trains travelled in the past. They also include the old train stations, several of which have been recovered.

Itineraries to enjoy the most exceptional spots of our natural environment in a respectful way and explore these routes to discover towns and districts in a very sustainable, healthy and enriching way.

Vías Verdes Usage recommendations on Vias Verdes

Usage recommendations on Vias Verdes

  • Respect the environment, the local people, the crops and animal life.
  • Pay attention to the signs and enjoy nature quietly and unhurriedly.
  • Take care when travelling along sections shared with motor vehicles.
  • Don’t forget to carry a flashlight or carry lights on your bike for routes on which there are tunnels.
  • Some binoculars, water, and comfortable footwear are basic equipment for your excursions.
  • Cyclists are recommended to wear a helmet.
  • Check on the terms and conditions for carrying bikes on Renfe trains, metro and public transports at “ Madrid on a bicycle” on www.crtm.es.
  • Before setting out, go to www.viasverdes.com and www.ciclamadrid.es for more information and warnings of possible incident.
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