Vía Verde del Río Guadarrama


An escape route on the banks of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River
The Route

This small greenway starts from the populated city of Móstoles. If it is accessed by train, the Móstoles-El Soto local train station will be the route’s starting point. You must travel parallel to the nearby shopping centre and use the underpass of the A5 motorway. After passing it, the greenway starts beside the large El Soto park, a green oasis in the big city where it is very pleasant to stroll around its lake. This is another good starting point, since the greenway is signalled from the park.

In the first few kilometres, the greenway extends parallel to the road which goes to the Guadarrama colony among fields which reveal their best splendour in spring. This route allows you to easily enter into the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River. What could be better than crossing this Madrid River on its fantastic iron railway bridge! This well-conditioned latticework bridge preceded by an unmistakable railway trench is the most emblematic element of the greenway and the golden highlight of the excursion. If we decide to continue, the old station of the Guadarrama River awaits us on the other side of the bridge.

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From here up to Navalcarnero, the old railway line has not been recovered as a greenway, hence it is necessary to travel along rural roads without signs. In this attractive town, we can connect to stage 15 of the Gran Tour of CiclaMadrid.

Brief historical note

It was in the year 1887 when the works began on the railway line which would connect the banks of the Manzanares River at the height of the Madrid bridge called “Puente de Segovia”, and southwest of –what was then the - Madrid province. In 1898, the line construction was finished which passed through Móstoles and extended to the Toledo town of Almorox.

Steam engine trains and locomotive railcars which in their final years bore the “FEVE” shield, travelled along their tracks until 1970, although four years earlier, the Navalcarnero-Almorox section was closed due to its unprofitability. Hence, this modest narrow track railway line became part of the current local train line C5 between Atocha and Móstoles-El Soto.

Environmental tourist attractions

El Soto park, the iron bridge and the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River are the main tourist attractions of this small greenway.

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